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It’s been nearly a year since I first purchased by bees and what a journey we have both been on. I have learnt so much from the bees and I am looking forward to expanding by getting another hive.

If you're thinking of getting into beekeeping, a good first step is joining a local bee association; they flourish all over Australia and hold regular field days. You could also attend a bee basic workshop which is what I did. I booked into a workshop at Greenwood Farm and everything was supplied from the safety gear, clothing, and tools right through to a delicious, farm made morning tea

​You’ll receive both practical and hands on experience that will prepare you for your brand-new hive. They will also provide invaluable advice about your local and seasonal pollen sources, where to get beekeeping supplies, and provide assistance with getting you started with your first hive or 'nuc'. There are many advantages to beekeeping. For a start, you will:

  • Increase pollination in your garden and local area.

  • Have your own supply of honey (and beeswax) that is also valuable in neighbourhood bartering.

  • Help keep a valuable skill alive.

  • Increase your self-reliance.

  • Help to increase the number of thriving beehives in the country.

  • Gain a natural inoculation for hayfever.

  • You become more in tune with the seasons and which flowers are in bloom.

Why can one hive make such a big difference? Because the bee population in most areas is rapidly declining.

Harvesting honey from a new hive is a milestone every beekeeper is excited to reach! After waiting a year and many hours of researching and selecting the ideal equipment it was my time to get some honey. The day was perfect, clear skies and a beautiful warm day. I can honestly say that this was such a satisfying day. We took four frames and went through the processes of uncapping, extracting, straining, and bottling. Our first batch of honey yielded 9.5kilograms and is proudly sitting on the kitchen bench for us to admire.

My favourite aspect of beekeeping is just watching my bees coming back to the hive with pollen on their back legs. It is very calming, and I can sit there for ages just watching them. If you have been thinking of getting a hive, Spring is the perfect time to start.


It is said bees have an ancient memory that black bears are robbers, which is why beekeepers need to wear white.

The honeybee produces only 1 12th teaspoons of honey in her whole lifetime

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