Christmas Wreath Workshop

I have always had an interest in flowers and floral arrangements. I cant grow flowers to save my life or know the names of flowers, but I do love how some people can do thing with flowers and turn them into a work of art. When the opportunity arose to attend a floral workshop, I jumped at it and booked in. I wasnt missing out on being able to create my own masterpiece (well hopefully the end result looked ok). This workshop was being presented by Shandelle from Pocket Full of Daisies - Weddings and Events at Alcorn Park. This park is situated in Kyogle, it is such a pretty park and it was the perfect backdrop for the workshop. The table and chairs were set amongst the trees, we could hear the birds chirping and smell the other foliage around us. Gateway Fine Foods catered for this event and provided us with brunch and bubbles which was a lovely way to kick start our Sunday morning. This was a lazy sunday morning where time stood still and we got to smell flowers, eat and drink, mingle with friends and learn how to wrap flowers around a thin metal circle and turn it into our very own Christmas wreath for the front door.

Thank you Rural Love Photography for capturing these shots. Much fun had by all !!

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